• Canyon in the Tapoul Gorges

  • Caving exploration in the Duganelle cave

  • Adventure Routes in the Tarn gorges

  • Via Ferrata in the Jonte Gorges

  • Underground Bivouac in Castelbouc cave

  • Slide on the Haut-Tarn Canyon

Adventure routes

On the ledges of our Causses, come to explore dry canyon, a natural and vertical environment. Be prepared to be amazed!

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Montbrun Adventure Route

Parcours aventure de Montbrun

Above the village of Montbrun in the Tarn Gorges, discover a unique mineral landscape. Thanks to the abseils, this activity is an ideal opportunity to learn the vertical techniques.

Montbrun Adventure Route: 1/2 day
Groups : From 3 to 8 people

Individual : 35 €/pers
Groups (+4 pers) : 33 €/pers
Groups (+6 pers) : 31 €/pers

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Saint Marcellin adventure route

Parcours aventure de Saint Marcellin

Overlooking the Tarn Gorges, this route starts with small abseils and will show you a splendid landscape! Take the zip line; go down a 50 meters abseil and you end up in the Cirque of Saint-Marcellin.

Saint Marcellin Adventure Route : Full day
Groups: from 4 to 8 people

Individual : 50 €/pers
Groups (+4 pers) : 48 €/pers
Groups (+6 pers) : 46 €/pers

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Useful information:

-Bring shoes like trainers or hiking shoes, picnic and drinking water for a day out.

Equipment provided:

• Harnesses
• Helmets
• Collective equipment (ropes,...)


In order to perform all activities, we strongly recommend you to be covered by a civil liability insurance. On our side, we also subscribe a Professional Liability insurance.".